We provide hands-on tools to science teachers in the local schools that are used to demonstrate scientific and mathematical principles to the students, supplementing lectures and standard teaching methods with tools that provide an element of participative fun to the students’ learning process.  We sponsor design teams in the senior engineering capstone design class at the University of Alabama in Huntsville (UAH) to design and build these tools that demonstrate in a hands-on fashion the scientific principles that students learn about in class, giving them a better understanding of the science involved, and hopefully peaking their interest such that they pursue technical careers as they continue their higher level education.

Benefits are derived at all levels of participation in our STEM effort.  WID-TVC benefits by supporting WID national objectives, supporting the local community, and providing the means by which students at all levels, elementary school through high school, can receive tools that further their interest in pursuing technical careers.  School teachers benefit by receiving tools they would not ordinarily have funding in their school budgets to cover.  University teachers benefit by receiving ideas for projects that can be utilized as part of their class curriculum in engineering design classes.  University engineering students benefit through the total project design and delivery process, including presentations they must make in scheduled reviews by improving their technical writing skills, public speaking abilities, and total communication capabilities that is so important in the engineering profession.

We sponsor additional activities/events in the TN Valley that focus on STEM education for students.  A few of these activities/events include the following:

  • Stellar Xplorers – a challenging, space system design competition involving all aspects of system development and operation with a spacecraft/payload focus
  • FIRST Lego League Robotics Competition – student teams solve real world problems through the design and build of robots that can perform a set of missions
  • UAH Tech Trek – a week long residential camp that promotes interest in the STEM fields for rising 8th grade girls
  • Madison Chess League Girls Chess Initiative – chess camp for girls to study with grand masters and improve their ability to think critically and plan strategically

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