WID-TVC Delivers Dash Robot Recharging Station

The Dash Robot Recharging Station was recently delivered by the University of Alabama in Huntsville (UAH) Senior Engineering Design Team to Madison Cross Roads Elementary! This is one of many projects sponsored by the Women In Defense Tennessee Valley Chapter.

This delivery represents the culmination of months of hard work by the design team and an exciting time for the recipient, Madison Cross Roads Librarian, Ms. Liz Glenn.

Previously, Ms. Glenn had robots connected to outlets all across the library. We are so happy she will have a central location to house and charge all Dash Robots. This station features 24 cubbies with built-in chargers. The goal with this project is to help younger students, and particularly underrepresented groups in engineering, garner an interest in STEM subjects.

Gayla Suddarth, STEM Director; Melissa Burnett, Co-Chair of the WID-TVC STEM Committee; and Wendy Tarkowski, member of the WID-STEM Committee were part of the celebration, which included a ribbon cutting and yummy Dash Robot-themed cupcakes made by UAH Senior Design Team leader, Andrew Brewster.

A special thank you also goes to Tim Hall with the Madison County School Central Office for joining us in the exciting presentation.

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