The Women In Defense Tennessee Valley Chapter was honored to have Dr. Claudette Owens speak to members during our mentorship event on “Conquering the Wonder Woman Syndrome”.

Dr. Claudette Owens speaks to members on Conquering the Wonder Woman Syndrome

During her presentation, Dr. Owens addressed Wonder Woman characteristics, motivations, and what she calls the syndrome. Additionally, she spoke on the idea that we all have gifts, talents, and abilities, but we don’t have to use them all at the same time.

To conquer the Wonder Woman Syndrome, it’s important to prioritize. Women must follow purpose versus compete. Furthermore, women do not take enough time for themselves. Instead, they put themselves last on the list, rarely asking for help, and often suffering in silence.

Dr. Owens went on to define the syndrome, listing out things women often say, to include “If I don’t, I will”:

  • Hurt or burden my family
  • Ruin my career
  • Look crazy or weak
  • Feel shame

All of these thoughts lead to anger, hurt, depression, or frustration. In order to find balance and conquer the Wonder Woman Syndrome once and for all, Dr. Owens presented two resources – the Wellness Wheel and the Self Care Wheel.

The Wellness Wheel encompasses seven different dimensions – physical, emotional, intellectual, social, environmental, financial, and spiritual. These are all interconnected and important to a well-rounded and balanced lifestyle.

The Self Care Wheel focuses on conquering the Wonder Woman Syndrome by doing the following:

  • Get physical and mental health check-ups.
  • Don’t internalize trauma.
  • Self love
  • Stop caring what others think.
  • Set the example and teach others how to treat you.
  • Don’t rationalize unhealthy relationships. Be careful who you spend time with.
  • Take time to detox.
  • Accept affirmations.
  • Be willing to feel and express feelings.

Ultimately, Dr. Owens told our members, it comes down to the power of words when conquering the Wonder Woman Syndrome. We don’t always have to say yes.

Thank you, Dr. Owens, for sharing your perspective and insight with our members!